Thursday, December 9, 2010

Even Keel-----Easy Goes It!

We are on an even keel, that means no lost no gain. Now I do not like this stage, it is so hard to get motivated. However I could look at it in a positive view. With the holidays here and being able to maintain a current weight.... is a good thing. Most folk gain 5 to 10 pounds during this season.
We are watching what we eat but allowing ourselves to enjoy the festive foods.
Today I will set up the Wii Active 2. I am hoping that I will be able to set up a routine and stick to it! I think I will like this one due to the ability to monitor my heart rate. My goal is not to gain a single pound during the holidays.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Doctors visit....At Wits End!

Yesterday was the Doctors visit. Not good news! Daughters weight is not going down, just on a yo-yo mode. I am at wits end, so tired of arguing with her on food issues. Poor choices and the sweets are two main issue with her. I cook healthy food, she just refuses to eat it. The sad thing is she just doesn't see it. For some reason it is in her head that she doesn't want to try new things. As far as Veggies, Just not on her to eat list. The Doctor told her she needs to open her horizons and find some common ground on the veggies and control the amount of carbs (sugary things) .
Sometimes being a Mom sucks! cooking healthy and try to raise healthy kids is tough in this commercial world of Sugary things. It seem that the world market is to the American Sweet touch. What is this, Don't they realize that this is causing health issues. Oh I know they are trying to decrease the sugar, however that is not the answer! They just eat more of it!

My teen daughter has PCOS and her weight is causing problem with her cycles. She is not having them now. The Doctor believes it is because of her weight. Although She has had test; No diabetes, no thyroid problems, Hormone levels are slightly down and she has a perfect blood pressure and pulse. so there you have it, they think weight is the culprit. I not sure however. We will do one more round of hormone and try to loose the weight in three months.

Now for me.. I am doing well, loosing the weight , on track to healthier me. BP is down also. Now down to 182. working toward 6 pounds a month. So in four months I should be close to my desired weight. Planning on increasing the exercise plan, have a personal trainer now, so that should make it easier.

Hubby is on a low carb diet, he says it works for him. So we will see, daughter says he has some non Carb diet food in his car. Oh well, I can't control him! So you see my household is in trouble with their weight.
I am the healthiest of all of them, so I am going to plan a vacation to Egypt. Because I can do the walking and hiking, they just poop out. Looking for a travel mate for myself. I need some one who can enjoy the trip and not get poop out so quickly!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Low Glycemic Index- Better 4 you.

I am working off the low GI(Glycemic index) food list to help with the weight lost. Oh I have lost weight, now down 5 pounds. however one of the problems I have been having is hunger. I know I can just say no but, you see that defeats the logic in loosing weight. I have to get my calories and not be hungry all the time. If I say no to the hunger feeling then I tend to over eat at meal time. There in lies the Yo Yo weight.

So let's look at Low GI choice. What can it do for me? First off it can help with the hunger feelings. This is done by keeping a fuller feeling. Low glycemic index food are processed different in the body. It does not cause the Sugar rush, which in turn causes the body to crave more at the drop of Insulin or glucose levels. It can also give one a prolong physical endurance. This is good because that tired feeling can make one no want to exercise.

Now what are some food on this list? In the bread categories there are several. Here's a few; 100 % stone ground whole wheat, heavy mixed wheat , rye and pumpernickel. Be using a whole wheat bread for a sandwich I can go longer with that hunger feeling. On to Grains Pasta/Noodles are a great choice as well as Parboil or converted rice. What about veggies, we have Sweet potatoes, yams, beans, Broccoli, cabbage, green peas, mushrooms and many more.

There are many more Low GI foods. The numbers for the low Glycemic Index is 55 and under. These are low carbs and therefore are slower diagestable carbs. Carbs are what give our body fuel. By choosing just one for each meal you will cause you Glucose to maintain a Healthy level. Reducing the spikes in the bodies blood sugar and those cravings. As I stated earlier this will stop those cravings and cause the body to start shedding weight. The key is not to go totally low GI just replace one Carb with a Lower GI carb at each meal.

Here is a site that will help with that choice. The Glycemic Index,this is how it works. Once on the site click on the tab on left called GI Database. Now type in your food that you would like to eat in the "Food name" area, click find. Now you will see the GI value. Low GI is 0-55, Medium is 56-69 and High is over 70. The goal is to get as close to low as possible. A medium will be better than a high. My thought is to try to stay in the low and medium range. That way I will not have a lot of Blood sugar/Glucose Spikes though out the day.

Okay that's a lot of info to put out there in one article. I will be talking about this more as time goes by. Hope this will enlighten someone to the use of Low GI as a way of weight control.

Striving to me a better and Healthy Me.

The Logo above: courtesy of Join the GI symbol program.. This is a symbol for Low GI food. Maybe you have seen it and wasn't sure what it meant. Click on the link to find out more.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Updates- A Weekly View.

This week has been a week of Walking. Exercising has been good. Now to the food intake. I think I have been within my allotments. However I haven't been good at Logging. Purchased a book log that will help me in this tasks. I really hate logging food. Perhaps it's because I have to look at what I have eaten in a written form. That could be depressing, and make me mad. It is like having to tell someone what you pigged out on and getting a disapproval look. Oh Yeah, that look will come from with in now. Just thinking about it, this comes to mind.... It could help me in my daily decisions, That thought of You'll have to write it down in the journal and then look up the caloric value and then you will really know why that weight did not fall off this week! Aug that thought makes me cringe. ... Oh well that is what I will have to do.
I have been good about logging my daughter, she doesn't like to do it either. however the Nutritionist said it would be a great tool to achieve the weight goal. I promise her those shirts she wants if she can lose 8 pounds by October the 8th. I don't know if I should have done that but , getting a teen motivated is hard.
Set up the treadmill in the Family room so we can walk while watching a show. This week I will be working on a room in the house. Painting, Papering( putting a mural up), and installing racks and shelves. That should be a lot of Exercise. Plus the swimming and yard work. We have a weekend trip to the aquarium planed and that's a lot of walking. Plus a Sunday Local event, more standing and walking. I think I will put in some Wii activity also, maybe Balancing. I heard that one of the keys to long live is being able to balance. The Wii does a great job with leaning that ability. We will see how I do.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

How do we think?

So, today I heard a great message on Pride. Three statements to consider;
  1. It's all about Me,
  2. I deserve this,
  3. Check me out.
That got me thinking, Aren't those the statement we use in Loosing or Gaining weight? Think about it.....

1. It's all about Me.... I need to lose this weight to feel better. I need to do this for my health. I know this is right. If I look better I will be liked more, have more friends and my job situation will get better.

2.I deserve this.... I have had my children, It is now my time to look good. the kids are gone ,out of the house, this is the time, I deserve this for all those years of work. My Partner has left me, I deserve I new life. It's been a hard year so now I deserve a break. Hey I had three kids....

3. Check me out... Look what I am doing, Lost the weight, looking good. I can do this see my new look. I'll show them, check me out now!

I'm sure you thought of more responses. Oh yeah this is a world of "it's all about me". We use that term to describe others. Yet sometimes we alt to look from within. What is the real reason we are motivated and should we turn our thought patterns to the Lord.
You see once upon a time I did lose the weight with the help of the Lord giving him the credit for the successful weight lost. However some where along the line I lost it and started using the terms " I did it before I can do it now"..."It's within my ability to do this"...." All I need to do is this or that"... "Look I deserve this with the things I've been through and Then you will see what I can do" . That is when I started to fail, My eyes were not were to should be. I allow my Prideful mind to guide me. It is now time to change that pattern to allow the Lord to mark my path. To lean on Him and not myself. For you see We will fail in the long run and end back where we started if we depend on ourselves.

The Lord is my strength and I will lean on Him. Will not let this worlds' mind of It's all about me to guide my path to be healthy. Yes I will do my part and research on, count caloric intake, make things better for my body. There is still a duty on my part to do this. However I will not take the credit totally for the success to come.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


We are all trying to get fitter and healthier. With vacations and summer activities it has been hard. I am still working on a exercise plan. As far as the eating... well let's say I eat! Still staying with the healthier recipes. I post them on my Kitchen site, see link on side bar.
I think my main problem is eating at a certain time and maintaining that schedule. It is hard so I will not sugar coat it. In the mornings I want to eat but I get busy and before I know it's afternoon. That is the problem. I know I have to maintain a eating schedule to lose the weight. My body weight changes about 2 pound up and down. therefore I am stuck on the plateau of my weight. I need a kicker to move again. Maintaining at present time.
My new goal is to lose 5 pounds by the end of September.
Exercise 30 minutes per day.
and eating on a schedule.

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Idol of food and weight control.

Oh where do I start......In the 1980's I started gaining weight. My heaviest was 185. Denial was a great part of my life. Loved Bread, sweets and anything Carb. It really wasn't bad until we moved to Europe, there I was in my Carb Heaven! Brochen in the morning, delivered right to my door. Oh and let me tell you the meat and potatoes.. out of this world. My taste buds exploded there, Europeans knew how the eat and cook.
One day sitting in a corner depressed, It came to mind all this weight and the feeling of being out of control was so great. I just could not continue on like this. Not too sure what to do, I ask my Lord God to help me. Now here comes the realization part.
One thing came to mind....What are you trying to fill? Was there a part of me empty and was I approving of the substitute( food)? All the answers where clear at that moment. I had been trying so hard to have a baby, thinking that would fill a void. Allowing myself to gain the weight each time the failure came, filling the void with food. How was I going to get back to the real me. I had lost that person along the seven year path to Obesity. The end of the road had come and now I needed to wake up. No more chances to have a baby, life will be childless for me. Was I going to let this be the end of me?

The decision was made I would call on the Lord to help me. Calorie counting, exercise and a daily reading of scripture, a different food source. Food for the Mind... when I was hungry, time to go to the Bible and read. There went my hunger, I was no longer in need of that Idol called food/Carbs to control me.

I did lose the weight, got down to 120 lbs. I was so grateful and pleased with myself. But, I will tell you another Idol crept in , it was called..Exercise. I could not stop and then I could not eat, because I would gain weight. Going to see a therapist and doctor to get help, after my hubby insisted on it, was my answer. Now 20 years later I'm here again. Allowing this Food Idol to fill a New void.
After hearing yesterdays Sermon a realization came to me... I'm going about this weight loss thing in a idolization way. Trying to do it on my own! yes I have all the knowledge and tools ones needs to achieve a goal. So, how come I can't get there and stay? It all has to do with My Walk with My Lord God. This will have to be the turning point for me. The time has come to give this back, over to the Lord. He will guide me and Remove the Weight Idol from me. Leading me to a Healthier being and training me to do the things that were planed for me by him. Bring me back to the Scriptures and learning about His goal for me. One thing about these Scriptures, they are Alive! Each time I read something new is revealed. That I will look forward to.
This has been an eye opening for me. Writing this has allowed me to see the path I'm on and desire a change. Not only for my eyes but for my life. I really do want to live longer to be of use for the Lord God Almighty, my Creator.

You too can listen to the Sermon.It might just chance the way you are thinking.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Loosing the pounds.

We are doing well on this summer weight lost journey. It seems the new scales are working and the eating a large breakfast is boosting my metabolism. I have lost 7 pounds.
Oh the swimming help a lot. I love the summer because of the pool. Now I need to start my Wii walking. Our vacation is coming up and there will be a lot of walking. I love to walk so this will be great.
Be sure to check out my other blogs for info on things mention( touched on) here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Exercising Regiment for PCOS.

Went to the Nutritionist with my teen daughter. She has what they think is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome also known as PCOS. One of the ways to control it is maintaining a healthy weight. For her that means losing weight and staying on a 1500 calorie intake until the desire weight is achieved.
We will be working on a exercise regiment. One thing I will do with her is Mall Walking. Three times a week we will walk the Mall. Now for a teen this is hard, you know why... That's right No shopping allow or window shopping. Just walking for a set amount of times at a set speed. I have several pedometer and will give one to her and wear one myself. This will be good for both of us. Other things we will do is The Wii and Swimming. Our Vacation is coming up, Lots of exercise will be included. She walks every evening with her Dad in our neighborhood.
I have been getting so much info on this PCOS and learning a lot about the syndrome. It amazes me how many teens have it. Most articles link it to over weight issues. If this is truly a weight issue, then when everyone loses the pounds it should be cured! However I am not so sure about that cure. Yes it is important for health reason to maintain a healthy weight. We will still be watching her as she drops her weight to see if this so called Syndrome will get better. Making her body be in the natural female balance. Growing healthy teen is the world of Fast food and Quick bites is a challenge.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

So Tired, In Pain and Feeling Blue

Well I went to Dad for Fathers Day. Did well on my weight and loved being with him. Just us two. We went out a couple times and then Watched movies together.
Had to come home on Wednesday, traffic was not bad. I was glad to see the family. However things started to get back to normal fast. The work and demands of the Home put me in a whirl.
My daughter had a doctor appointment and the doctor told her she has to loose weight to manage her PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian syndrome). Now this is hard because teens can be rough to work with. They want to be independent and Not be told what to eat and not to eat. I have been looking for sites as well as a nutritionist for her. Trying to make peace in the house.
My hand is starting to hurt the more I use it. In therapy at the present time. Everyone wants me to open the pool that it very hard for me to do. I will need help and they are not eager to give it! I feel so overwhelmed and all I want to do is blog and drink Coffee!
So here I am tired, In Pain, and Feeling Blue.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A broken Arm- slowing me down.

So, Broke my arm last week. And with the pain and frustration of working with it. I am like my Comfort food. Weight is maintaining its number. Not doing well with the wii. I think I can do just the wii sports. But for the Boxing no. The radius ins in a cast and I can not box..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Having a Hard Time

So here I am having a hard time. Sometimes I just do not feel like working on the weight. Thinking if I just let it be, it will manage its self. So much frustration here. Hubby doesn't seem to get it. We are not on the same page it seems like. Oh he says he is but, I don't get why he eats the things he does and is constantly requesting to eat out! Daughter is not helping with cooking Brownies, cause I have no will power. No one wants to eat the food I'm making.
Maybe I should just do a food program, you know the one, they deliver to the door and I eat it. That way the hubby and daughter can go out and I will not have to listen to the complaints. They can gain their weight and get bigger and bigger. But, I will get fit and healthier. Oh the frustration I have.

The bird died and I am thinking about Mom all the time. I can't stand seeing the cancer commercials and getting solicitor calls from money. So I get into a comfort food mode. Seeing any progress.... is not there. Yeah I'm venting now. Feeling like if I get it out of my system then I can move on.
Today is a new day and I will get back on the track and start the process again.
I hope you all are doing well on your journey to healthy living. thanks for listening., If you are out there.

My stats:
Gained all the weight back!
No idea of my calorie intake.
Have been exercising. But no weight loss.

Back to sparks people and working on getting healthier. Looking for a walking buddy. Hubby can not walk do to health reasons ie: legs, back, air.. whatever he can think of. I need someone who can keep the pace and not leave me in the lurch. This is a lonely process indeed!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Catching up

I have been on Spring break, still enjoying the break. As far as the calorie intake is going I am staying at 1500 calories. Oh I thought since I am on Vacation I should enjoy my self.
the eating out and snacking has made it hard. although for Easter this year we opt to have a Fruit Basket instead of a candy one. Then I only got 2 little eggs from the Easter bunny at The Easter Brunch.
Still need to stay up on the logging of meals. tomorrow we will be going the the aquarium that mean Walking. I will watch the caloric intake so I can start back on the downward slop.
Off to the beach to walk a bit.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Weeks View.

This past week I have had a hard time. Logging the meals have been rough. My family is not too supportive either. Daughter wants to eat out and have somethings different than I am preparing. How frustrating. What ever happened to family just eating what's put on the table!
Okay let's see we ate out four times.. not good at all. As far as calories I was afraid to even look. So I will just weigh today and start again.
Easter time is bad because of all the Easter food. This year I decided not to cook in, that way no left overs and I will have to cook the good food the rest of the time. On Easter Day I will enjoy myself and not think too hard on the calories, Try not to over do it and take a long walk.
Spring break is here so that means this next week will be mini vacations. Will try to get in as much walking as I can and not eat after 6 pm. That should help maintain the current weight.
Have a great Easter and Spring Break. Try to think Healthy in all our choices, that is the Goal for this coming week.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Logging Meals & A Healthy Weight

Well the past couple days I haven't posted my Food Log. Decided that instead of listing the food I would just list the calorie, fat, carbs and proteins of each meal. That seems to be the better way to manage it on this Blog Log. I tend to eat the same things, so it get a bit mundane to post it. As I posted earlier, I use sparks to log my meals therefore I do have a list of food already. I heard that trying to keep you intake around 400 each meal and snacks between 100-200, one will be able to maintain the calorie daily intake. Now I believe that is the key for getting to my fit weight.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Too Much Salt!

I have noticed that my Sodium intake is high. Now that can cause swelling and retention of fluids. It is also a culprit of High blood pressure. So now I must watch the sodium numbers on the food. Prepared food seem to be the highest, although some manufacturers are lowering the amount they use. It is harder for them since the main ingredient for preservation is salt. Their products need to remain on the shelf longer.
In order for the product to have a long shelf life salt need to be added. This makes one think that preparing their own food is more essential than thought before.

Learning how the cook is not hard. With all the online help and TV food network shows... how can one not learn. I have found a couple site that are great. If you go to the Food Network site, they have videos on how to. Recently I found a site Chef Tube TV, this site is great for video recipes. Another site is Foodwishes. Chef John is funny, but his recipes are easy to follow. I hope I have helped you in learning how to cook at home, and remember use less salt.

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What would you like to read on this blog?
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What would make you come back for a Look/Visit?

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Can you leave a note that you where here, so I will know the comments are working, thank you?

Thursday, March 25, 2010



Nonfat milk=86
1/2 banana=62

tuna helper=244
onion and croutons=70
2 Hershey kisses=51


nonfat milk 1 cup=86
Macaroni grill Lasagna=350
garlic Texas toast=190

tangerines= 31
trail mix=130

calories= 1522

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Nutrition Program.

For a year I have been a spark member. They have a Nutrition part in their program. That is how I know how many Calories, carb, fat and proteins are in my meals. I love this program, it is free to everyone.
The Nutrition part help me with meal planning and assistance to stay on track. Each day I log on check out the meal plan, change it to suit my cupboards and log my food as I eat the meal or snack.
Now I need to make some adjustments because it looks like the Fat intake is a little to high. I have lost 5 pounds this week, which really surprises me with all the food I have been eating and my exercise is not up to par yet. That part of the weight loss I need to get going on.
Yes they have a section on exercise also. You should go check it out, Tell them Auntie E1 sent you. Here's the link" Spark People".

Food Log

cheerios with milk=200


smoked salmon 20z=66
1/4 bagel=61
cream cheese=45



green beans=34
blue cheese=154
crispy onions=40
1 tangerine=37


butterfinger bar-207
trail mix-130
2 Hershey kisses-51

Calories 1507
carbs 173
Fat 66

Food Log

for Tuesday 3/23/2010

Nonfat milk- 1 cup=86
2 tangerines=62
mulitgrain cheerios-1 cup=110

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich= 370


Salmon 2.5 oz=129
green beans=20
lemon juice-8

pecans-1 oz=196
Cantaloupe- 1/2 cup=28
Hershey kiss=26

Daily Total

Calories= 1305
carbs= 158
Protein= 52

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A New twist on Exercise

Ever want to exercise but do not want to go to the gym. Whatever the reason, You need not go to the gym. Tiffany Wilhelm will come to you, with all her equipment in tow. Oh I know we have all those Wii fitness DVD's with virtual trainers. But let's face it they are always saying the same things and do not talk back or answer those questions. The Ones like, How do I do that? There's just something about personal contact. Tiff has several programs to choose from and will help with food planning to assist in weight control. I think I might try one of her programs. Her link is on the sideboard, take a look for your self.

Monday, March 22, 2010








Hershey kiss-2=51

1460 calorie
158 carbs
61 fat

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Food log for 3/21

1 cup skim milk 86
shredded wheat spoon size cereal =100
half and half=39

Lunch eat out at Eggspectation

Eggstreme= 687
water with lemon.

Greek yogurt 1 cup=150
Fresh pineapple- 3 pieces=123
Honey 1 Tbsp=64


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Food log

Saturday 3/20/2010

Multigrain cheerios= 110 calories
1 cup skim milk=86
English muffin=120
cherry preserves 1 Tbsp=50


avocados 1/4 cup= 96
black forest ham=45
double fiber muffin=120
fat free American cheese=31
Olive oil mayo-1 Tabs=45

tuna helper=244
whole grain bread=128

mini candy bars=170

1405 calories
204 Carbs
41 Fat
54 protein

Exercising- mostly out side garden/ yard work. some inside moving furniture and cleaning.
95 minutes
481 calories burned

What's on the plate today?

I start out this morning with a good breakfast of about400 calories. decided it would been easier if I try to make each meal between 300 and 400 calories and my snack about 100-200. Still having trouble making my 1400 daily calories.
Did some furniture moving and some cleaning. Getting ready to go outside for some garden work, before the rains hit tomorrow.
Logging food and writing this journal Daily is helping me. I tend to get hungry at night, when I am resting and watching TV. That's a habit I will have to break. I heard it said go two weeks with out it and the habit is broken. I hope that is true. the one problem I have is the family is doing it and I can't stand not joining in. I wish I could get them to stop.
The weather is starting to feel like Spring and this being the first day of Spring, I will have to enjoy the outside.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Todays food Log

Blueberries .75 cup= 61 calories
Greek yogurt 6oz= 80 calories
2 cup coffee= 10 calories
English Muffins=120 calories
Olive oil butter=28 calories

Skim milk- 1 cup= 86 calories
Irish stew= 132 calories

rice 1 cup= 242 calories
Tai Pei General Tso's chicken= 210 Calories

snickers mini=255 calories
cheezits 1 serving= 160 calories

Calories= 1384
Carbs= 197
fats= 32

8 cups of water.

The New Eating Plan

So, today I feel pretty good. I am reading a cooking book called "Cook yourself thin". One thing they stated in the book is we have to learn to eat differently. Not necessarily stop eating the things we like, but learn how to make them less in calories and still satisfy our taste. So that dessert is okay as long as it is within your Caloric daily/weekly intake.
Here's the formula given... Take the weight you wish to be and multiply it by 10. so I would like to be about 140 lbs.(really I would like that). That means I need to keep my Caloric intake to 1400. Now that sounds like a lot, however the thought is, if you exercise and eat that much in a balance diet of Carbs, Protein and good fats you should be able to get to the desired weight. Now that you are use to eating that much one should be able to maintain that weight. It's all in the learning how to eat.
I have noticed that I do not eat that much, and it is a struggle to get that much in me.
For years a have been starving my body and it has been storing up the fat. Making me overweight. By going on diets of 1200 calories per day I have boxed myself into a yo-yo effect. Every time I get to my weight I begin to eat more and the body starts to store the extra calories as fat. I know that sound weird, but it is how we a wired. Now I need to feed it so the body will get out of the starvation mode and start shedding the stored fat.

Food log for Thursday 3/19

2 fried eggs-185
whole grain English muffin-120
3 sausage links-150

.75 oz Walnuts-142
2% Greek yogurt-113
160 grams fresh Pineapple-78
1/4 cup Fresh strawberries-12

6 Snack- snickers mimi car bars-140

irish stew-176
8oz 1% milk- 110

Totals for Today
Calories= 1336
Carbs= 143


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Goals for the Wii Workouts

Yesterday I set up my Wii Personal trainer. I had to take measurements and enter them. Do some performance jumping jacks and setups, and push-ups. Oh I did okay. Now she has set up a plan to strengthen my inter core. I think is will use that plan for her.
Now I have the Wii EA sports ,that one Will work on my overall body. I did the Wii fit yesterday loved all the Balance exercises. I also did the stepping and hula hoop.
I added a few new character Mimi's to my group, Charlie Brown, Mr. Presidents, Batman, the Joker and a few more. Need some New faces.
So the Goals is to use the three Wii products to help with the weight loss and my core strengthening needs.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today's log.

Multigrain Cheerios 29grams
skim milk-1 cup
2 cups coffee with sweetener and cream

Pork roast meat-1.6oz
one carrot
2 tablespoons blue cheese dressing
1 serving croutons
1 serving onion chips

4 chocolate kisses.

1 cup Irish Lamb stew
1 slice Beer Bread.
3 pieces miniature candy bars.

drank plenty of water -eight cups
1-11oz Dark beer.

30 minutes Wii fit sports
30 minutes set up Wii fitness coach

Here are today's stats;
1217 Calories
119 carbs
56 fat
44 protein
I burned 251 calories in exercising.

Making a new body for myself.

I have been struggling for many years, trying to fit into that size 6. Now in my mid fifties, I would be please to fit into a size 2 10. I needed to have a blog  just for people like me hiting our heads on the wall struggling to stay fit. 
This blog will be that one. The plan is to log, okay air my decisions, my exercise and food each day. Hoping that will lead to a New younger person life changing pattern.  I do have a cooking site, and will at times link to it. 
As far as exercise aids, I have Wii products and Pilates as well as other DVD,s and Tapes. There is also the housework, outside work, my Swimming pool, the Hot tub spa and swings with kids to help. This blog will only be for invited  guess. Because it is so personal and I am Not ready for public ridicule  to be public with the info on the blog.