Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Making a new body for myself.

I have been struggling for many years, trying to fit into that size 6. Now in my mid fifties, I would be please to fit into a size 2 10. I needed to have a blog  just for people like me hiting our heads on the wall struggling to stay fit. 
This blog will be that one. The plan is to log, okay air my decisions, my exercise and food each day. Hoping that will lead to a New younger person life changing pattern.  I do have a cooking site, and will at times link to it. 
As far as exercise aids, I have Wii products and Pilates as well as other DVD,s and Tapes. There is also the housework, outside work, my Swimming pool, the Hot tub spa and swings with kids to help. This blog will only be for invited  guess. Because it is so personal and I am Not ready for public ridicule  to be public with the info on the blog.

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