Friday, March 19, 2010

The New Eating Plan

So, today I feel pretty good. I am reading a cooking book called "Cook yourself thin". One thing they stated in the book is we have to learn to eat differently. Not necessarily stop eating the things we like, but learn how to make them less in calories and still satisfy our taste. So that dessert is okay as long as it is within your Caloric daily/weekly intake.
Here's the formula given... Take the weight you wish to be and multiply it by 10. so I would like to be about 140 lbs.(really I would like that). That means I need to keep my Caloric intake to 1400. Now that sounds like a lot, however the thought is, if you exercise and eat that much in a balance diet of Carbs, Protein and good fats you should be able to get to the desired weight. Now that you are use to eating that much one should be able to maintain that weight. It's all in the learning how to eat.
I have noticed that I do not eat that much, and it is a struggle to get that much in me.
For years a have been starving my body and it has been storing up the fat. Making me overweight. By going on diets of 1200 calories per day I have boxed myself into a yo-yo effect. Every time I get to my weight I begin to eat more and the body starts to store the extra calories as fat. I know that sound weird, but it is how we a wired. Now I need to feed it so the body will get out of the starvation mode and start shedding the stored fat.

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