Sunday, April 25, 2010

Having a Hard Time

So here I am having a hard time. Sometimes I just do not feel like working on the weight. Thinking if I just let it be, it will manage its self. So much frustration here. Hubby doesn't seem to get it. We are not on the same page it seems like. Oh he says he is but, I don't get why he eats the things he does and is constantly requesting to eat out! Daughter is not helping with cooking Brownies, cause I have no will power. No one wants to eat the food I'm making.
Maybe I should just do a food program, you know the one, they deliver to the door and I eat it. That way the hubby and daughter can go out and I will not have to listen to the complaints. They can gain their weight and get bigger and bigger. But, I will get fit and healthier. Oh the frustration I have.

The bird died and I am thinking about Mom all the time. I can't stand seeing the cancer commercials and getting solicitor calls from money. So I get into a comfort food mode. Seeing any progress.... is not there. Yeah I'm venting now. Feeling like if I get it out of my system then I can move on.
Today is a new day and I will get back on the track and start the process again.
I hope you all are doing well on your journey to healthy living. thanks for listening., If you are out there.

My stats:
Gained all the weight back!
No idea of my calorie intake.
Have been exercising. But no weight loss.

Back to sparks people and working on getting healthier. Looking for a walking buddy. Hubby can not walk do to health reasons ie: legs, back, air.. whatever he can think of. I need someone who can keep the pace and not leave me in the lurch. This is a lonely process indeed!

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