Monday, July 26, 2010

My Idol of food and weight control.

Oh where do I start......In the 1980's I started gaining weight. My heaviest was 185. Denial was a great part of my life. Loved Bread, sweets and anything Carb. It really wasn't bad until we moved to Europe, there I was in my Carb Heaven! Brochen in the morning, delivered right to my door. Oh and let me tell you the meat and potatoes.. out of this world. My taste buds exploded there, Europeans knew how the eat and cook.
One day sitting in a corner depressed, It came to mind all this weight and the feeling of being out of control was so great. I just could not continue on like this. Not too sure what to do, I ask my Lord God to help me. Now here comes the realization part.
One thing came to mind....What are you trying to fill? Was there a part of me empty and was I approving of the substitute( food)? All the answers where clear at that moment. I had been trying so hard to have a baby, thinking that would fill a void. Allowing myself to gain the weight each time the failure came, filling the void with food. How was I going to get back to the real me. I had lost that person along the seven year path to Obesity. The end of the road had come and now I needed to wake up. No more chances to have a baby, life will be childless for me. Was I going to let this be the end of me?

The decision was made I would call on the Lord to help me. Calorie counting, exercise and a daily reading of scripture, a different food source. Food for the Mind... when I was hungry, time to go to the Bible and read. There went my hunger, I was no longer in need of that Idol called food/Carbs to control me.

I did lose the weight, got down to 120 lbs. I was so grateful and pleased with myself. But, I will tell you another Idol crept in , it was called..Exercise. I could not stop and then I could not eat, because I would gain weight. Going to see a therapist and doctor to get help, after my hubby insisted on it, was my answer. Now 20 years later I'm here again. Allowing this Food Idol to fill a New void.
After hearing yesterdays Sermon a realization came to me... I'm going about this weight loss thing in a idolization way. Trying to do it on my own! yes I have all the knowledge and tools ones needs to achieve a goal. So, how come I can't get there and stay? It all has to do with My Walk with My Lord God. This will have to be the turning point for me. The time has come to give this back, over to the Lord. He will guide me and Remove the Weight Idol from me. Leading me to a Healthier being and training me to do the things that were planed for me by him. Bring me back to the Scriptures and learning about His goal for me. One thing about these Scriptures, they are Alive! Each time I read something new is revealed. That I will look forward to.
This has been an eye opening for me. Writing this has allowed me to see the path I'm on and desire a change. Not only for my eyes but for my life. I really do want to live longer to be of use for the Lord God Almighty, my Creator.

You too can listen to the Sermon.It might just chance the way you are thinking.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Loosing the pounds.

We are doing well on this summer weight lost journey. It seems the new scales are working and the eating a large breakfast is boosting my metabolism. I have lost 7 pounds.
Oh the swimming help a lot. I love the summer because of the pool. Now I need to start my Wii walking. Our vacation is coming up and there will be a lot of walking. I love to walk so this will be great.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Exercising Regiment for PCOS.

Went to the Nutritionist with my teen daughter. She has what they think is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome also known as PCOS. One of the ways to control it is maintaining a healthy weight. For her that means losing weight and staying on a 1500 calorie intake until the desire weight is achieved.
We will be working on a exercise regiment. One thing I will do with her is Mall Walking. Three times a week we will walk the Mall. Now for a teen this is hard, you know why... That's right No shopping allow or window shopping. Just walking for a set amount of times at a set speed. I have several pedometer and will give one to her and wear one myself. This will be good for both of us. Other things we will do is The Wii and Swimming. Our Vacation is coming up, Lots of exercise will be included. She walks every evening with her Dad in our neighborhood.
I have been getting so much info on this PCOS and learning a lot about the syndrome. It amazes me how many teens have it. Most articles link it to over weight issues. If this is truly a weight issue, then when everyone loses the pounds it should be cured! However I am not so sure about that cure. Yes it is important for health reason to maintain a healthy weight. We will still be watching her as she drops her weight to see if this so called Syndrome will get better. Making her body be in the natural female balance. Growing healthy teen is the world of Fast food and Quick bites is a challenge.