Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Updates- A Weekly View.

This week has been a week of Walking. Exercising has been good. Now to the food intake. I think I have been within my allotments. However I haven't been good at Logging. Purchased a book log that will help me in this tasks. I really hate logging food. Perhaps it's because I have to look at what I have eaten in a written form. That could be depressing, and make me mad. It is like having to tell someone what you pigged out on and getting a disapproval look. Oh Yeah, that look will come from with in now. Just thinking about it, this comes to mind.... It could help me in my daily decisions, That thought of You'll have to write it down in the journal and then look up the caloric value and then you will really know why that weight did not fall off this week! Aug that thought makes me cringe. ... Oh well that is what I will have to do.
I have been good about logging my daughter, she doesn't like to do it either. however the Nutritionist said it would be a great tool to achieve the weight goal. I promise her those shirts she wants if she can lose 8 pounds by October the 8th. I don't know if I should have done that but , getting a teen motivated is hard.
Set up the treadmill in the Family room so we can walk while watching a show. This week I will be working on a room in the house. Painting, Papering( putting a mural up), and installing racks and shelves. That should be a lot of Exercise. Plus the swimming and yard work. We have a weekend trip to the aquarium planed and that's a lot of walking. Plus a Sunday Local event, more standing and walking. I think I will put in some Wii activity also, maybe Balancing. I heard that one of the keys to long live is being able to balance. The Wii does a great job with leaning that ability. We will see how I do.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

How do we think?

So, today I heard a great message on Pride. Three statements to consider;
  1. It's all about Me,
  2. I deserve this,
  3. Check me out.
That got me thinking, Aren't those the statement we use in Loosing or Gaining weight? Think about it.....

1. It's all about Me.... I need to lose this weight to feel better. I need to do this for my health. I know this is right. If I look better I will be liked more, have more friends and my job situation will get better.

2.I deserve this.... I have had my children, It is now my time to look good. the kids are gone ,out of the house, this is the time, I deserve this for all those years of work. My Partner has left me, I deserve I new life. It's been a hard year so now I deserve a break. Hey I had three kids....

3. Check me out... Look what I am doing, Lost the weight, looking good. I can do this see my new look. I'll show them, check me out now!

I'm sure you thought of more responses. Oh yeah this is a world of "it's all about me". We use that term to describe others. Yet sometimes we alt to look from within. What is the real reason we are motivated and should we turn our thought patterns to the Lord.
You see once upon a time I did lose the weight with the help of the Lord giving him the credit for the successful weight lost. However some where along the line I lost it and started using the terms " I did it before I can do it now"..."It's within my ability to do this"...." All I need to do is this or that"... "Look I deserve this with the things I've been through and Then you will see what I can do" . That is when I started to fail, My eyes were not were to should be. I allow my Prideful mind to guide me. It is now time to change that pattern to allow the Lord to mark my path. To lean on Him and not myself. For you see We will fail in the long run and end back where we started if we depend on ourselves.

The Lord is my strength and I will lean on Him. Will not let this worlds' mind of It's all about me to guide my path to be healthy. Yes I will do my part and research on, count caloric intake, make things better for my body. There is still a duty on my part to do this. However I will not take the credit totally for the success to come.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


We are all trying to get fitter and healthier. With vacations and summer activities it has been hard. I am still working on a exercise plan. As far as the eating... well let's say I eat! Still staying with the healthier recipes. I post them on my Kitchen site, see link on side bar.
I think my main problem is eating at a certain time and maintaining that schedule. It is hard so I will not sugar coat it. In the mornings I want to eat but I get busy and before I know it's afternoon. That is the problem. I know I have to maintain a eating schedule to lose the weight. My body weight changes about 2 pound up and down. therefore I am stuck on the plateau of my weight. I need a kicker to move again. Maintaining at present time.
My new goal is to lose 5 pounds by the end of September.
Exercise 30 minutes per day.
and eating on a schedule.