Thursday, September 2, 2010


We are all trying to get fitter and healthier. With vacations and summer activities it has been hard. I am still working on a exercise plan. As far as the eating... well let's say I eat! Still staying with the healthier recipes. I post them on my Kitchen site, see link on side bar.
I think my main problem is eating at a certain time and maintaining that schedule. It is hard so I will not sugar coat it. In the mornings I want to eat but I get busy and before I know it's afternoon. That is the problem. I know I have to maintain a eating schedule to lose the weight. My body weight changes about 2 pound up and down. therefore I am stuck on the plateau of my weight. I need a kicker to move again. Maintaining at present time.
My new goal is to lose 5 pounds by the end of September.
Exercise 30 minutes per day.
and eating on a schedule.

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Vicki said...

If I don't eat and then exercise as soon as I get up, it probably won't happen. I do better when I have a schedule.

My weight goes up and down in a 5lb. range. It's aggravating!

Glad to see you posting again!!