Sunday, October 3, 2010

Low Glycemic Index- Better 4 you.

I am working off the low GI(Glycemic index) food list to help with the weight lost. Oh I have lost weight, now down 5 pounds. however one of the problems I have been having is hunger. I know I can just say no but, you see that defeats the logic in loosing weight. I have to get my calories and not be hungry all the time. If I say no to the hunger feeling then I tend to over eat at meal time. There in lies the Yo Yo weight.

So let's look at Low GI choice. What can it do for me? First off it can help with the hunger feelings. This is done by keeping a fuller feeling. Low glycemic index food are processed different in the body. It does not cause the Sugar rush, which in turn causes the body to crave more at the drop of Insulin or glucose levels. It can also give one a prolong physical endurance. This is good because that tired feeling can make one no want to exercise.

Now what are some food on this list? In the bread categories there are several. Here's a few; 100 % stone ground whole wheat, heavy mixed wheat , rye and pumpernickel. Be using a whole wheat bread for a sandwich I can go longer with that hunger feeling. On to Grains Pasta/Noodles are a great choice as well as Parboil or converted rice. What about veggies, we have Sweet potatoes, yams, beans, Broccoli, cabbage, green peas, mushrooms and many more.

There are many more Low GI foods. The numbers for the low Glycemic Index is 55 and under. These are low carbs and therefore are slower diagestable carbs. Carbs are what give our body fuel. By choosing just one for each meal you will cause you Glucose to maintain a Healthy level. Reducing the spikes in the bodies blood sugar and those cravings. As I stated earlier this will stop those cravings and cause the body to start shedding weight. The key is not to go totally low GI just replace one Carb with a Lower GI carb at each meal.

Here is a site that will help with that choice. The Glycemic Index,this is how it works. Once on the site click on the tab on left called GI Database. Now type in your food that you would like to eat in the "Food name" area, click find. Now you will see the GI value. Low GI is 0-55, Medium is 56-69 and High is over 70. The goal is to get as close to low as possible. A medium will be better than a high. My thought is to try to stay in the low and medium range. That way I will not have a lot of Blood sugar/Glucose Spikes though out the day.

Okay that's a lot of info to put out there in one article. I will be talking about this more as time goes by. Hope this will enlighten someone to the use of Low GI as a way of weight control.

Striving to me a better and Healthy Me.

The Logo above: courtesy of Join the GI symbol program.. This is a symbol for Low GI food. Maybe you have seen it and wasn't sure what it meant. Click on the link to find out more.

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