Thursday, November 4, 2010

Doctors visit....At Wits End!

Yesterday was the Doctors visit. Not good news! Daughters weight is not going down, just on a yo-yo mode. I am at wits end, so tired of arguing with her on food issues. Poor choices and the sweets are two main issue with her. I cook healthy food, she just refuses to eat it. The sad thing is she just doesn't see it. For some reason it is in her head that she doesn't want to try new things. As far as Veggies, Just not on her to eat list. The Doctor told her she needs to open her horizons and find some common ground on the veggies and control the amount of carbs (sugary things) .
Sometimes being a Mom sucks! cooking healthy and try to raise healthy kids is tough in this commercial world of Sugary things. It seem that the world market is to the American Sweet touch. What is this, Don't they realize that this is causing health issues. Oh I know they are trying to decrease the sugar, however that is not the answer! They just eat more of it!

My teen daughter has PCOS and her weight is causing problem with her cycles. She is not having them now. The Doctor believes it is because of her weight. Although She has had test; No diabetes, no thyroid problems, Hormone levels are slightly down and she has a perfect blood pressure and pulse. so there you have it, they think weight is the culprit. I not sure however. We will do one more round of hormone and try to loose the weight in three months.

Now for me.. I am doing well, loosing the weight , on track to healthier me. BP is down also. Now down to 182. working toward 6 pounds a month. So in four months I should be close to my desired weight. Planning on increasing the exercise plan, have a personal trainer now, so that should make it easier.

Hubby is on a low carb diet, he says it works for him. So we will see, daughter says he has some non Carb diet food in his car. Oh well, I can't control him! So you see my household is in trouble with their weight.
I am the healthiest of all of them, so I am going to plan a vacation to Egypt. Because I can do the walking and hiking, they just poop out. Looking for a travel mate for myself. I need some one who can enjoy the trip and not get poop out so quickly!

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Are you really doing an intake of 12000 calories a day like it says in the upper left hand corner of your blog? I hope that is a typo.
I am in the same boat your in and following your journey. Good luck to you. Candy