Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weight Update.

So here I am 1.5 months into the Sensa Weight lost system. I have lost 9 pounds. At first it is hard to remember to sprinkle all food. However I am getting better at it. I have notice that my clothes are getting better and I am loosing inches. Will have to do measurements today. That way I can see the inches go away. In loosing weight sometimes the Scale do not sure the real truth. Once can loose the inches and not the weight as much. My goal is really to tone up and loose also.

Hubby tried it, however he has no patience. He want to see progress daily. This program dose not have that. I believe it is better to loose slowly. That way one can change their life habits and mold themselves into a Healthier thinking person.

For me I need to change my brain to not want the comfort foods. So far I have lost my desire for Sweets. Ice cream just does not sound good to me and Chocolate is something I am not always thinking of. The sensa states the it will make the carbs and sweets lest appealing as well as get me the full feeling. That is seems to do.

Like as mention last time this is a Six month program. I am excited about this program. Awaiting my next two month supply.