Monday, August 8, 2011

A progress report. Using Sensa Weight Lost System.

Three months down...12 pounds gone!!!!!
So when I first started I lost right away then about the second week I gained back. this frustrated me a lot. However I kept going. Took my measurements and started logging the weight daily. I would see about .1 to .5 of a pound go off, then I would gain some back.
I think one problem I had was the sprinkling, I wasn't sprinkling enough. I seem to have a lot left over. So the second month I sprinkled more.

I notice the same thing I would lose in the first two weeks and not so much the last two. How frustrating that can be. Think I needed to do somethings else, but what? Maybe exercise. Okay, however I sprained my ankle an tried to do some walking and swimming. It really aggravated the ankle. You know I was not gaining all the weight back just yo-yoing. Still at the end of the month I weighed less.

For month 3 I decided to purchase the travel packages. Thinking that this would help me in knowing how much to use per serving of food. I did well well this month. Lost more weight and did not seem to yo yo as much.

I think the packets was a good purchase for me. it help out a lot and allowed me to get a feel of the amount to sprinkle on the food.

Now into my fourth month as normal for me, I am losing weight this first week. 2 more pounds. I just want to be able to continue the loosing.

As for the inches, not happening. Think that will happen soon. Exercise will have to be the tool to use for that. The Wii is my choice for now. Until the ankle gets better.

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