Monday, September 19, 2011

Update: the weight is coming off!

Okay it is not super fast....You know we all would like the perfect weight to arrive to our bodies in about 30 days. Seriously though, the longer it take the more likely it will stay off.

Here is the story, I started on the Sensa Weight Loss Plan four months ago. Now in the middle of my fifth month. It is a six month plan and then you start over with month 1 until you reach your goal. In that time one trains the mind to learn the full feeling and break the food habits and craving we have.

So far I have seen a break in the habits and cravings. This month the full feeling is pretty clear to me. So portion control is something I seems to have mastered so far. Now on the the weight loss. I started at 187 pounds and now I am at 172. I think that is great considering the health injuries I had that has limited my exercising , the sprained ankle being one.

I am finding that this weight loss plan is working well for me. Hoping to drop 10 more by December. I think I can do that with the help of the Wii Fitness Trainer.

One thing I am doing is getting rid of the older clothes. The ones that are big, that way I will need to lose to get some new ones. The tendency to gain in the Fall and Winter is great. By getting rid of the old size I can make my mind stay focus and not feel like I have cloth if I gain a few. That is the downfall to the winter gain. Need to change that mind set.

Changing my mind set is so important. I need to really work on that part. Getting excited about losing is great and a good feeling. Being more fit is a healthier fit for my mind.