Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The weight is dropping....

Well I am now in the 8 month of the Sensa Plan. I am down to 168 and feeling pretty good. this plan seems to be a great one for me.

I can now see the chance of really getting down to a great healthier weight. Thinking maybe 145 is not a dream but a possibility.

So how does it work you ask? Well it is a sprinkle it on every thing you eat plan. As you use it though the Months, the cravings and mindset seems to be able to have the will power to say no. I really like this. My problem was cravings and just having a mind set of --why not just have it. However I have notice that I have a better mind set on the cravings and eye liking things.

It also helps one know when to stop eating. This is good because we tend to eat way too much!The fullness trigger seem to be working much better for me.

Now I have not been doing any extra exercise than I normally do. I am in my mid fifties and that is a hard age to loose weight. Exercise is great however, my bones seem to hurt a lot. I am hoping when I get down more I will be able to increase the exercise with the doctors go ahead. Now with that said I do walk and climb stairs a lot during the day. Just the basic household duties..... Lifting and stooping go along with the daily activities.

Sensa has really been a great step for me to take. Yes It does cost about 45 dollars a month. However if one looks at the amount you pay to get that cinnamon bun, Starbucks coffee, or candies/snack, fastfood and on and on. The cost is not that bad. Heck one can spend that in one week snacking out! Think about it what is it costing you in health? Now that makes it worth the cost.

I realize that the weight is coming off slow. This seem to be a good thing according to the Medical folks. Every thing I am hearing tells me that loosing it slowly will help one keep it off. I guess it is because of the change in eating pattern one makes over a time. I have notice I really do not want some things anymore. As well as my Choices in food have changed over these 8 months.

Well, now you have it, the plan I am using is working. Even though the Holiday eating frenzy.

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