Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Change in Store for Me.

Now that the new year is here, think I will make a good change. I do like meat, however I will go more towards Vegetable and Less Meat. I have been feeling petty good lately. Having lost the 20+ weight and the inches falling off, my confidence is getting better.

So for this year I will limit my meat to twice a week. eating more vegetables the rest of the week. Oatmeal in the mornings and maybe a soup in the afternoon. Since the rest of the family will want meat. I will make a regular dinner and for me it will be vegetables and maybe a whole grain pasta.
I am eager to see how much this will lead to more weight loss.

I will have to take some vitamins for sure. Melaluca makes good ones and I will begin using them again.

So for a new change I will log my daily meals here. To start off it will be posted weekly. That is so I can look back on my decisions. Now on the other side, You all can help me out by giving me ideas of meals. I am wishing to make a impact on the family, So they will want to join in with me.

Doug... sound good with the oatmeal. I like to add fruits and Agave. Agave is a Low Glycemic sugar. Great for allowing the insulin level to maintain a even level. I will be adding some recipes on my Kitchen site.