Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fitness Update- A Family View piont.

At a stand still right now. I do so hate this point of the weight lost journey. Feel like it take a while to get over the hump. Do feel my cloths getting looser and know the fat is dissolving. So trying not to let myself get discouraged is very important.

Been staying around 168. Do go up and down some but maintaining in most the 168. Would like to lose 10 more pounds before June. Find that setting small goals are better for me.

Still on the Sensa Plan and getting ready to add another plan to it. We received a new weight program recently. Have not started it yet. The family, mostly hubby, does not want to do Sensa. He just doesn't seem to remember to sprinkle. Too much work he thinks. So I will join him in the new program. Let you know when we start it. Right now He has to get the clearance from the doctors. Has some Kidney and Clotting problems. However He needs to loose weight!

My daughter is Obese in her weight. We have been trying to get her to loose. However, it is harder for teens. She loves to blame me for the weight. I told her that I am eatting the food I am making and losing weight. She just refuses to eat the food. Therefore she eats far in between and consume too many sweet and carbs. I refuse to buy her the carbs and will only do sweets a little. she will soon be 18 the will have to work on her own health. The Nutritionist told me to stay out of it! That is so hard when I see the health issues it is causing. She is 5'2 and 175. I hope posting this will make her realize she needs to work on it. I will admit that she was working out, but she didn't feel it was helping her weight. Once she gets to 18, I can give her the sensa plan and just maybe it will help her control her cravings for Carbs.

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