Sunday, March 4, 2012

The New weight program is here.

I think I will send it back. After getting it and reading though it, I found nothing worth spending $$ for. Hubby does not seems to be gun-hoe for it. I also noticed that they are using the Adkins type plan. This uses Sugar substitutes and low carbs.
Now one problem with that plan, for me , is GAS and a Bloating feeling. Then after you get down to your desired weight, Gaining it back is too great a problem. It didn't seem to change ones eating habits. Not like the Sensa has. I know this because I have done the Adkins plan and lost 40 pound just to gain it back with a year. I was away hungry and really missed my craving/comfort food.

I will stay on the Sensa plan, because it is working for me. Slow by steady. That's the way is should be. This way I am slowly changing the way I eat and most of all the Cravings are under control. I am also learning how to cook the comfort foods healthier. I post most of them on my Kitchen site.

For a while I cut down the meats and found that I was more hungrier. So I added them back. I just reduce the amount. It will probably take me awhile to find out that balance.
The family wants the meat also. I try to mix it up. Using chicken, turkey, pork, beef, bison , lamb and fish. Made a great Pistachio Crusted Salmon. I will post the recipe on the kitchen site later. Today will be a chicken mushroom stew.

I think starting a weekly menu will be a great thing to do. Will need to work on that. Maybe if I laid out the menu the family will be more informed. Also eating a little earlier would be great.

Meal time is hard due to everyone's work schedule. Daughter is working and has lesson that end at 6:30 on some days and 8pm on others. Hubby gets home from work between 6 and 7 . That makes family mealtime a little more difficult, or should I say challenging.

Oh well, I will still be sprinkling my food with Sensa and enjoying the new me, slowly transforming.