Friday, September 21, 2012

A Slow Loss and Time for a Change

Well It has been a while since I blogged an update. I am down to 166 now. It seems that the Sensa works for the Cravings but not too well on the weight loss. It has been a Slow Loss and on top of that a YoYo effect seemed to be the norm for me. I will continue the sensa until it is gone. however I am moving on to a different life long plan.

Now that I seem to have the cravings licked, the next thing is to add a daily exercise plan. My goal is to lose 14 to 16 more pounds. That will put me at a healthier BMI number. I think I can do this.

To give me a sense of what has happened in the 18 months of Sensa. I started out at 189 pounds. Got down to about 168, then back up to 172, then back to 168 and up to 175, back to 170 and then up and down. Mostly 2 pounds difference each way. Now that I am down to 166, I think I have broke the stalemate number.

Now my feeling on the Sensa plan is that it did help with the ability to control the binging. As well as  the will to say no to the weakness in sweets and high Carb loaded items.

So let look at my progress. I have lost more than 40 pound even though it was an up and down journey. Able to control my craving and no more binging. Starting to eat less at a sitting. Learned what a proper  portion is and able to stop  and feel when I am full.

Now I just need to maintain my steadying weight fall. Watch my portions and listen to my body. Make good choices and remember "It is not the last time I will have this food". I  can have a little now and then some later on a different day. Calories are a big deal. So that mean eating out needs to be choosing Lower calorie food and only eat half of it. I can do this.

Sensa has given me a boost and allowed me to have the knowledge that it can be done. I am glad I did the program for this time. However I  do not think it is good to continue it pass the 2 years mark. Especially if I want to keep the weight off. I have enough to continue for a few more months. Therefore for I will continue, with the new program  of exercise.

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