Saturday, October 27, 2012

October's update

Well I am still hovering around the 166-168 range. I it so hard to lose those pounds. Was hoping to see a downward spiral. Just not happening here. Think it is time to start the Wii up again. We have a couple of programs to use. I also have a stepper, palates bench and a treadmill. Perhaps I need to move some of them up to the main floor. That way I can use them while a watch TV. The only things is I am a morning person, meaning that if I do not do it in the morning than I tend not to get to it. Yeah that my problem! There you have it. Walking or any outside thing has to be finished by noon for me.
I will make a pledge to start this routine of stair stepping and Wii in the mornings. I think I will go back to logging the time here. Making it a daily routine.

 As for the food issue... Still on the Sensa plan for at least 6 more months and I will be adding a portion control tool. With the holiday season coming up I really need to make some progress. Also I want to eat all my holiday favorites. That allows me not to feel deprived, which causes the over eating. If I know that I can have some more on another day, that should allow me to stick with the potion control.

Well I turned one year older this month. The years are flying by so, I need to really make some serious progress to this journey. Turning back the age clock is not as easy at my age. However it can be done! Determination is the turning key. Now I need to find that key.