Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Into A New You

Spring is here time for a fresh start. I did fairly well over the winter. Maintained my weight  and managed to lose some inches. Decided to make a few changes for this spring and summer. The changes should help me to continue to get health and fit.

One thing decided is to move all the health equipment to the Solarium. Having it in there will help to keep it in my face as a reminder... "I am here for you , get on me today". Want to set a day once a week to do the Wii or Xbox. that way I can look forward to a break for some fun exercise.
Another thing is to keep a healthier mind of food. I am going to go back on the Sensa program as well as the Spark group. Thinking that those tools will help me stay on track.

As for the pool, we had to take it down. Hubby somehow contracted a rare Bacteria infection from that area. So we will not be putting it back up until we can found a fix for the area. However the hot tub will be opened.

Walking will be on my list of activity as well as yard work. I like working outdoors. It should help with the burning of calories.

My goal is to lose 10 pounds during the next four months and to maintain the weight lose. I have maintain the 15 pound loss for a long time. So each step is a trial of change in lifes' walk. Sensa has helped with the cravings and changed my thoughts on certain foods.  Stopping all artificial sweeteners have help my sweet tooth.  As well as help with the cravings as sweet things. My taste buds have really changed. Soda removal has also made a difference. I do once in a while have a soda, but find myself my finishing it.

I started taking raspberry ketones daily, 1200 mg. That has help with my middle section. Stopped it for a while and notice the increase coming back, so I started it back up. It really does work for me.

I am starting to incorporate some new vitamins and minerals. Hoping that they will help in my metabolism. At 58 I need to find way to increase it, that will help in the weight loss journey.