Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WOW...It's been so long......

I guess I took a break.... Not that I meant to. It seems my life had be put on hold. My last post being in 2013. almost a year ago. Well you see, since then my world has been turn upside down and sideways. Hubby has had an accident which resulted in lost of memory, surgery which turned out to be more than expected. Daughter is off to college and growing up too fast. We had he Deaths in the family and friends. Storms unheard of... a deep freeze in the mid east!! Critters that do not belong in our neighborhood . Marriages friends and family. It has just been nonstop!! Saying that the exercise and posting has be on hold.

I am now back on the wagon, per-say. Starting to get back in a routine. I really have not gain or loss in this time. However I think that I am healthier. Have made some changes. No more artificial things. no sweeteners, soda with preservatives or food ready made. Been making things from stretch and  read all the labels.  My goal is to get down to 140 lbs. and have a healthy blood work totals. cholesterol, sugar levels and anything else. Really sure these thing can be achieved.

So today I weigh 176 and wear a size 14-16, that's a large. Would love to wear a size 10 -12, medium. since I am 59 that is a reasonable goal. Pretty sure this can be done by the winter. So we are talking about 6 months. That turns out to be 6 pound per month. Not too hard to do and just think by that time all my not so good habits will be controlled.

they say that it takes six months to completely change a habit. I believe that. When I started out on the  Sensa it took that long to stop drinking soda and sweeteners. Not I have no desire for those items. Even a cinnamon bun, which i have always  love,   it too sweet for me and just does not taste good. Therefore I know that statement is right.

No longer on the Sensa Program. Felt that it just wasn't right for me. once I stopped I gained weight back.  So, a program that uses products to loose is not a choice I am seeking. I purchase to books; the Dash Diet and Shred. Both of these seem to be on the same note. Changing the food intake and looking at different ways to exercise.

Now that I have posted my goals it is time to reawaken this site to lets  get going.  so here it goes

 It will be Fess up Fridays! posting every Friday on the progress.. good or not so... either way posting it make me accountable. So if you want to join in, come along.