Friday, September 30, 2016

Time to Think about It -- On the Track Again!

 With a wedding in the near future, the illnesses in the Family, Managing my fathers diabetes and the overall health for family members, it is... Time to Think About It!

This is a Bell from my Parents house. It hangs on the large tree in the back yard. I have been staying there off and on for over two years now. two week there and two week at our home. That has cause so much stress. Eating out and Stress eating was doing me in.

My father is a Stroke Victim  as well as has diabetes. Trying to gets his number under control as well as decrease the chance of another stroke has been my only goal.  That put the me on the back burner.

I decided, after my daughter told me she wanted to get married next May, it was time to look at me and my health! So, I began to pay attention to how I Eat. I knew I got enough Exercise it was just the comfort food. Dad wanted Sweets and hubby wanted high fat things (Pizza) and to eat out all the time. How was I going to change when I have these obstacles?

One thing I decided to do was put my foot down and just say NO. Yes it was hard, my answer would be I have food to prepare here, or we do not have the money, need to save money or I really do not want pizza again! Then I starting saying " I really am trying to loose weight and so I can not eat Pizza or out, cause I tend to overeat". Folks That Worked! They  started to support me.

My Dads A1C went down to 6.1 and I stated to lose weight. I am down to 161 now and still losing. Started to cook more and create Recipes that are lower in calories, and fat. You can see some of those on my Kitchen site. Feeling a lot better, dressing better, got some new clothes that fit and are not baggy/ oversized. I even have those sweets on occasions.

The key is to eat half as much as you would have before. do this 4 to 5 days, than on the 6th day, eat a little more. By doing this year body does not go into a fat saving mode and you do not plateau. I know this. The other day hubby wanted donuts, Yeah I know a weakness for us all. We got some and Yeah I indulged. But it was on my 6th day. I didn't gain any weight  and in two day I dropped 2 more pounds.  I would suggest doing this all the time, but once in a blue moon is okay.

Still doing well and plan on dropping 10 more before Janurary. I think I can do that.