Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Weeks View.

This past week I have had a hard time. Logging the meals have been rough. My family is not too supportive either. Daughter wants to eat out and have somethings different than I am preparing. How frustrating. What ever happened to family just eating what's put on the table!
Okay let's see we ate out four times.. not good at all. As far as calories I was afraid to even look. So I will just weigh today and start again.
Easter time is bad because of all the Easter food. This year I decided not to cook in, that way no left overs and I will have to cook the good food the rest of the time. On Easter Day I will enjoy myself and not think too hard on the calories, Try not to over do it and take a long walk.
Spring break is here so that means this next week will be mini vacations. Will try to get in as much walking as I can and not eat after 6 pm. That should help maintain the current weight.
Have a great Easter and Spring Break. Try to think Healthy in all our choices, that is the Goal for this coming week.

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