Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The weight is dropping....

Well I am now in the 8 month of the Sensa Plan. I am down to 168 and feeling pretty good. this plan seems to be a great one for me.

I can now see the chance of really getting down to a great healthier weight. Thinking maybe 145 is not a dream but a possibility.

So how does it work you ask? Well it is a sprinkle it on every thing you eat plan. As you use it though the Months, the cravings and mindset seems to be able to have the will power to say no. I really like this. My problem was cravings and just having a mind set of --why not just have it. However I have notice that I have a better mind set on the cravings and eye liking things.

It also helps one know when to stop eating. This is good because we tend to eat way too much!The fullness trigger seem to be working much better for me.

Now I have not been doing any extra exercise than I normally do. I am in my mid fifties and that is a hard age to loose weight. Exercise is great however, my bones seem to hurt a lot. I am hoping when I get down more I will be able to increase the exercise with the doctors go ahead. Now with that said I do walk and climb stairs a lot during the day. Just the basic household duties..... Lifting and stooping go along with the daily activities.

Sensa has really been a great step for me to take. Yes It does cost about 45 dollars a month. However if one looks at the amount you pay to get that cinnamon bun, Starbucks coffee, or candies/snack, fastfood and on and on. The cost is not that bad. Heck one can spend that in one week snacking out! Think about it what is it costing you in health? Now that makes it worth the cost.

I realize that the weight is coming off slow. This seem to be a good thing according to the Medical folks. Every thing I am hearing tells me that loosing it slowly will help one keep it off. I guess it is because of the change in eating pattern one makes over a time. I have notice I really do not want some things anymore. As well as my Choices in food have changed over these 8 months.

Well, now you have it, the plan I am using is working. Even though the Holiday eating frenzy.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Update: the weight is coming off!

Okay it is not super fast....You know we all would like the perfect weight to arrive to our bodies in about 30 days. Seriously though, the longer it take the more likely it will stay off.

Here is the story, I started on the Sensa Weight Loss Plan four months ago. Now in the middle of my fifth month. It is a six month plan and then you start over with month 1 until you reach your goal. In that time one trains the mind to learn the full feeling and break the food habits and craving we have.

So far I have seen a break in the habits and cravings. This month the full feeling is pretty clear to me. So portion control is something I seems to have mastered so far. Now on the the weight loss. I started at 187 pounds and now I am at 172. I think that is great considering the health injuries I had that has limited my exercising , the sprained ankle being one.

I am finding that this weight loss plan is working well for me. Hoping to drop 10 more by December. I think I can do that with the help of the Wii Fitness Trainer.

One thing I am doing is getting rid of the older clothes. The ones that are big, that way I will need to lose to get some new ones. The tendency to gain in the Fall and Winter is great. By getting rid of the old size I can make my mind stay focus and not feel like I have cloth if I gain a few. That is the downfall to the winter gain. Need to change that mind set.

Changing my mind set is so important. I need to really work on that part. Getting excited about losing is great and a good feeling. Being more fit is a healthier fit for my mind.

Monday, August 8, 2011

A progress report. Using Sensa Weight Lost System.

Three months down...12 pounds gone!!!!!
So when I first started I lost right away then about the second week I gained back. this frustrated me a lot. However I kept going. Took my measurements and started logging the weight daily. I would see about .1 to .5 of a pound go off, then I would gain some back.
I think one problem I had was the sprinkling, I wasn't sprinkling enough. I seem to have a lot left over. So the second month I sprinkled more.

I notice the same thing I would lose in the first two weeks and not so much the last two. How frustrating that can be. Think I needed to do somethings else, but what? Maybe exercise. Okay, however I sprained my ankle an tried to do some walking and swimming. It really aggravated the ankle. You know I was not gaining all the weight back just yo-yoing. Still at the end of the month I weighed less.

For month 3 I decided to purchase the travel packages. Thinking that this would help me in knowing how much to use per serving of food. I did well well this month. Lost more weight and did not seem to yo yo as much.

I think the packets was a good purchase for me. it help out a lot and allowed me to get a feel of the amount to sprinkle on the food.

Now into my fourth month as normal for me, I am losing weight this first week. 2 more pounds. I just want to be able to continue the loosing.

As for the inches, not happening. Think that will happen soon. Exercise will have to be the tool to use for that. The Wii is my choice for now. Until the ankle gets better.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weight Update.

So here I am 1.5 months into the Sensa Weight lost system. I have lost 9 pounds. At first it is hard to remember to sprinkle all food. However I am getting better at it. I have notice that my clothes are getting better and I am loosing inches. Will have to do measurements today. That way I can see the inches go away. In loosing weight sometimes the Scale do not sure the real truth. Once can loose the inches and not the weight as much. My goal is really to tone up and loose also.

Hubby tried it, however he has no patience. He want to see progress daily. This program dose not have that. I believe it is better to loose slowly. That way one can change their life habits and mold themselves into a Healthier thinking person.

For me I need to change my brain to not want the comfort foods. So far I have lost my desire for Sweets. Ice cream just does not sound good to me and Chocolate is something I am not always thinking of. The sensa states the it will make the carbs and sweets lest appealing as well as get me the full feeling. That is seems to do.

Like as mention last time this is a Six month program. I am excited about this program. Awaiting my next two month supply.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Looking at a New weight plan.

I have been trying out a New Weight Plan. It is called Sensa. You just sprinkle it on every thing you eat. There are no forbidden foods. That I like. This is a 6 month plan. In that time I should lose about 40 to 60 pounds. So far so good. I have been on it for about two weeks and have lost about 4 pounds.
Now it works by telling the brain that you are satisfy. Removing the craving and tendency to over eat. That is my main problem. I really have trouble eating too much and have a feeling to eat even after I have already eaten a meal. I have notice that to be much less. That is a good thing.

Hubby has now joined the Sensa group. We will both be working on this together. That is good! having your partner on board do make it easier.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where's the Love!!!!!

Emotions run wild and food gets in the way. You know what I mean, It's called emotional eating. That is what happens to me. When I feel undermined or put down, all I want to do is eat comfort food. I give up on loosing the weight and feel like what difference does it make.

I just get that down feeling and every bit of reasoning leaves me. All my knowledge of what's right and not so right to eat goes by the wayside.

Lately I have really felt this way. At home and outside home. Feeling inadequate in my life. No decision I make or item I cook is good enough. My Daughter, who is overweight complains about the meal. Hubby sides with her. there I said it! I have two saboteurs in my house.

Support is so important, however trying to please the household and being a short order cook seems to be a must for us Mothers and Wives. I cook a roast, everyone else wants Chinese food. I cook Chinese food, everyone wants Roast. Whatever I cook they do not want it.

So, I want to run away to a spa resort and get the support I long for.

Of course this topic does run into other parts of my life, Health decision, Love Making, friendships, parenting and other areas. I think I get more upset when it comes to my weight issues. Due to my self esteem issue, I get emotional. That brings the hurt unloved feelings to the surface.
I really need to deal with the part of my life.

I love my family and know they love me. However Now I can not talk to them about matters of m heart, It just causes discernment and does no one any good. They do what it right in their own eyes. I have no say and weight in the household. So Why Bother!!!

So, this is my daily journal entry. I want to be taken away and find a better feeling. I tend to run away from the situation. Therefore I need to overcome this feeling of running away from things. For it does no good, I will only come back to the situation. This year I will have to remain silent on matters and go within myself, become a silent partner and make no decisions. Feed the family and so not eat with them. Let them do what ever, most of all I need to take care of me. I want to live a long time. Since they really do not care about themselves. I have stop and canceled all the doctors appointment for my daughter. I will not let her decisions, reflect on me. It is her life and she will at some point decided what direction she is headed. Same for my hubby, I will no longer insist on him loosing the weight and taking care of his health issues. His is old enough to make his own decisions.

I will not let them bully me or be forced from my home. It is my home and I will take care of it and myself. Some one cares for me I am sure, and that is me.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Message of Truth

I got the following message.
Are you really doing an intake of 12000 calories a day like it says in the upper left hand corner of your blog? I hope that is a typo.
I am in the same boat your in and following your journey. Good luck to you. Candy
Wow, No one else caught that in the year I had it up. Yes Candy it is a type O. It should read 1200-1500 calories. I fixed it today.

The truth is I really haven't been counting my calories. Mostly I have been just cutting back the amounts. Habits are so hard to break. At times I just throw in the towel. This year I really need to get a support group. One that will really support me. Some how the folks on line just fall through the cracks. They start out given good support then in a couple months, stop dropping by and no comments. Even a just checking in would be a great support. knowing that someone is watching and listen is the object here. Oh I know I do the same thing. I think it's because the process is so slow. And then finding things to write about is hard. Who wants to write " didn't loose this week" or "another month of ups and downs, Lost 2 pounds, gained two pounds." Oh yes this is so frustrating for everyone.

Well, I heard that there is a 17 day plan. I wonder how that will work? Guess it would help in breaking the habits. Eating certain things and exercising for the 17 days. Do you watch Dr Oz and The Doctors? They have some great ideas for loosing weight. I love the one on training for a run. Any run, it could be a cancer one or just a city marathon. One does not do it to win, just to complete it. I heard some folk lost 20 to 40 pounds just training. But must of all they did not have to change their eating.

You see I do eat healthy. No junk food and very little sweets. Still I fight the weight. My daughter is in the same boat. She is a teen and is trying to loose. Now that's just crazy, it is the hormones I am sure. How can one fight the hormones in your body. Well that a different topic for a another day.

Candy thanks for the heads ups on the numbers. Fixed them and now on the path to a thinner me. I can do it this year!

Now one more thing , for this year I would love to have a support group here on this blog. Below there is a link. Link up your blog and I promise to read and support you daily and week. When ever you write I will stop by and give support in your comments.