Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Message of Truth

I got the following message.
Are you really doing an intake of 12000 calories a day like it says in the upper left hand corner of your blog? I hope that is a typo.
I am in the same boat your in and following your journey. Good luck to you. Candy
Wow, No one else caught that in the year I had it up. Yes Candy it is a type O. It should read 1200-1500 calories. I fixed it today.

The truth is I really haven't been counting my calories. Mostly I have been just cutting back the amounts. Habits are so hard to break. At times I just throw in the towel. This year I really need to get a support group. One that will really support me. Some how the folks on line just fall through the cracks. They start out given good support then in a couple months, stop dropping by and no comments. Even a just checking in would be a great support. knowing that someone is watching and listen is the object here. Oh I know I do the same thing. I think it's because the process is so slow. And then finding things to write about is hard. Who wants to write " didn't loose this week" or "another month of ups and downs, Lost 2 pounds, gained two pounds." Oh yes this is so frustrating for everyone.

Well, I heard that there is a 17 day plan. I wonder how that will work? Guess it would help in breaking the habits. Eating certain things and exercising for the 17 days. Do you watch Dr Oz and The Doctors? They have some great ideas for loosing weight. I love the one on training for a run. Any run, it could be a cancer one or just a city marathon. One does not do it to win, just to complete it. I heard some folk lost 20 to 40 pounds just training. But must of all they did not have to change their eating.

You see I do eat healthy. No junk food and very little sweets. Still I fight the weight. My daughter is in the same boat. She is a teen and is trying to loose. Now that's just crazy, it is the hormones I am sure. How can one fight the hormones in your body. Well that a different topic for a another day.

Candy thanks for the heads ups on the numbers. Fixed them and now on the path to a thinner me. I can do it this year!

Now one more thing , for this year I would love to have a support group here on this blog. Below there is a link. Link up your blog and I promise to read and support you daily and week. When ever you write I will stop by and give support in your comments.

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Stay at Home Blessings by Chin chin said...

Hi Auntie E. I'll add you also to my blogroll so I will remember to drop by when you make a new post. God bless.