Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Update: Looking Up!!

Now I am down to  about 20 lbs since August. Feeling very good. I stated in September with a new weight loss program. Read a lot of Books on Healthy living and getting fit. the one that impressed me the most was to control the amount of food  we eat at a sitting.

I cut back the amount of food I ate by 1/2 and on the 5 day I increased my serving a little to keep from plateauing. Still continued my daily activities, doing nothing different. At least not yet.

We went on Vacation to Florida for a week in October and I managed to eat out and gained only a couple pounds. Which came off fast once back at home. This Program I am following is really good for me.  I enjoyed the vacation and did not have any guilt in eating stuff. I did walk and swim a lot.  That helped in the extra calorie intake.

I have meet my  previous goal. So, now I am setting another one. 10  pounds by January. At the point I will be closer to my ideal weight. I really think this is doable. Even with the holidays. One thing To remember is enjoy the holiday food in moderationo.  Here a photo of now. I will look for one of before. I tend to not like photos of me.


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