Saturday, October 27, 2012

October's update

Well I am still hovering around the 166-168 range. I it so hard to lose those pounds. Was hoping to see a downward spiral. Just not happening here. Think it is time to start the Wii up again. We have a couple of programs to use. I also have a stepper, palates bench and a treadmill. Perhaps I need to move some of them up to the main floor. That way I can use them while a watch TV. The only things is I am a morning person, meaning that if I do not do it in the morning than I tend not to get to it. Yeah that my problem! There you have it. Walking or any outside thing has to be finished by noon for me.
I will make a pledge to start this routine of stair stepping and Wii in the mornings. I think I will go back to logging the time here. Making it a daily routine.

 As for the food issue... Still on the Sensa plan for at least 6 more months and I will be adding a portion control tool. With the holiday season coming up I really need to make some progress. Also I want to eat all my holiday favorites. That allows me not to feel deprived, which causes the over eating. If I know that I can have some more on another day, that should allow me to stick with the potion control.

Well I turned one year older this month. The years are flying by so, I need to really make some serious progress to this journey. Turning back the age clock is not as easy at my age. However it can be done! Determination is the turning key. Now I need to find that key.

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Slow Loss and Time for a Change

Well It has been a while since I blogged an update. I am down to 166 now. It seems that the Sensa works for the Cravings but not too well on the weight loss. It has been a Slow Loss and on top of that a YoYo effect seemed to be the norm for me. I will continue the sensa until it is gone. however I am moving on to a different life long plan.

Now that I seem to have the cravings licked, the next thing is to add a daily exercise plan. My goal is to lose 14 to 16 more pounds. That will put me at a healthier BMI number. I think I can do this.

To give me a sense of what has happened in the 18 months of Sensa. I started out at 189 pounds. Got down to about 168, then back up to 172, then back to 168 and up to 175, back to 170 and then up and down. Mostly 2 pounds difference each way. Now that I am down to 166, I think I have broke the stalemate number.

Now my feeling on the Sensa plan is that it did help with the ability to control the binging. As well as  the will to say no to the weakness in sweets and high Carb loaded items.

So let look at my progress. I have lost more than 40 pound even though it was an up and down journey. Able to control my craving and no more binging. Starting to eat less at a sitting. Learned what a proper  portion is and able to stop  and feel when I am full.

Now I just need to maintain my steadying weight fall. Watch my portions and listen to my body. Make good choices and remember "It is not the last time I will have this food". I  can have a little now and then some later on a different day. Calories are a big deal. So that mean eating out needs to be choosing Lower calorie food and only eat half of it. I can do this.

Sensa has given me a boost and allowed me to have the knowledge that it can be done. I am glad I did the program for this time. However I  do not think it is good to continue it pass the 2 years mark. Especially if I want to keep the weight off. I have enough to continue for a few more months. Therefore for I will continue, with the new program  of exercise.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Updating my progress.

Well, here we are in the middle of spring. Have been up and down however I am down to 168 pounds again. Although it seems that I am loosing inches. My clothes are getting looser and I am losing inches. So I will not be discouraged about the scale weight. Sensa is still the program I am on.  As well as taking Raspberry Keytones, 1000 mg per day. It seems to be working with the midriff section. I am loosing inches, they are just falling off.

I was looking for something to return my Metabolism to my younger years. Going to start using some teas to help out with that. Will keep you informed on how that works.

Been reading a book called WheatBelly by Davis. It is a very interesting read. Learning a lot about the food we eat and how it effect our health. I will be writing a review on it soon, on my Review site.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The New weight program is here.

I think I will send it back. After getting it and reading though it, I found nothing worth spending $$ for. Hubby does not seems to be gun-hoe for it. I also noticed that they are using the Adkins type plan. This uses Sugar substitutes and low carbs.
Now one problem with that plan, for me , is GAS and a Bloating feeling. Then after you get down to your desired weight, Gaining it back is too great a problem. It didn't seem to change ones eating habits. Not like the Sensa has. I know this because I have done the Adkins plan and lost 40 pound just to gain it back with a year. I was away hungry and really missed my craving/comfort food.

I will stay on the Sensa plan, because it is working for me. Slow by steady. That's the way is should be. This way I am slowly changing the way I eat and most of all the Cravings are under control. I am also learning how to cook the comfort foods healthier. I post most of them on my Kitchen site.

For a while I cut down the meats and found that I was more hungrier. So I added them back. I just reduce the amount. It will probably take me awhile to find out that balance.
The family wants the meat also. I try to mix it up. Using chicken, turkey, pork, beef, bison , lamb and fish. Made a great Pistachio Crusted Salmon. I will post the recipe on the kitchen site later. Today will be a chicken mushroom stew.

I think starting a weekly menu will be a great thing to do. Will need to work on that. Maybe if I laid out the menu the family will be more informed. Also eating a little earlier would be great.

Meal time is hard due to everyone's work schedule. Daughter is working and has lesson that end at 6:30 on some days and 8pm on others. Hubby gets home from work between 6 and 7 . That makes family mealtime a little more difficult, or should I say challenging.

Oh well, I will still be sprinkling my food with Sensa and enjoying the new me, slowly transforming.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fitness Update- A Family View piont.

At a stand still right now. I do so hate this point of the weight lost journey. Feel like it take a while to get over the hump. Do feel my cloths getting looser and know the fat is dissolving. So trying not to let myself get discouraged is very important.

Been staying around 168. Do go up and down some but maintaining in most the 168. Would like to lose 10 more pounds before June. Find that setting small goals are better for me.

Still on the Sensa Plan and getting ready to add another plan to it. We received a new weight program recently. Have not started it yet. The family, mostly hubby, does not want to do Sensa. He just doesn't seem to remember to sprinkle. Too much work he thinks. So I will join him in the new program. Let you know when we start it. Right now He has to get the clearance from the doctors. Has some Kidney and Clotting problems. However He needs to loose weight!

My daughter is Obese in her weight. We have been trying to get her to loose. However, it is harder for teens. She loves to blame me for the weight. I told her that I am eatting the food I am making and losing weight. She just refuses to eat the food. Therefore she eats far in between and consume too many sweet and carbs. I refuse to buy her the carbs and will only do sweets a little. she will soon be 18 the will have to work on her own health. The Nutritionist told me to stay out of it! That is so hard when I see the health issues it is causing. She is 5'2 and 175. I hope posting this will make her realize she needs to work on it. I will admit that she was working out, but she didn't feel it was helping her weight. Once she gets to 18, I can give her the sensa plan and just maybe it will help her control her cravings for Carbs.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Change in Store for Me.

Now that the new year is here, think I will make a good change. I do like meat, however I will go more towards Vegetable and Less Meat. I have been feeling petty good lately. Having lost the 20+ weight and the inches falling off, my confidence is getting better.

So for this year I will limit my meat to twice a week. eating more vegetables the rest of the week. Oatmeal in the mornings and maybe a soup in the afternoon. Since the rest of the family will want meat. I will make a regular dinner and for me it will be vegetables and maybe a whole grain pasta.
I am eager to see how much this will lead to more weight loss.

I will have to take some vitamins for sure. Melaluca makes good ones and I will begin using them again.

So for a new change I will log my daily meals here. To start off it will be posted weekly. That is so I can look back on my decisions. Now on the other side, You all can help me out by giving me ideas of meals. I am wishing to make a impact on the family, So they will want to join in with me.

Doug... sound good with the oatmeal. I like to add fruits and Agave. Agave is a Low Glycemic sugar. Great for allowing the insulin level to maintain a even level. I will be adding some recipes on my Kitchen site.