Friday, March 26, 2010

Too Much Salt!

I have noticed that my Sodium intake is high. Now that can cause swelling and retention of fluids. It is also a culprit of High blood pressure. So now I must watch the sodium numbers on the food. Prepared food seem to be the highest, although some manufacturers are lowering the amount they use. It is harder for them since the main ingredient for preservation is salt. Their products need to remain on the shelf longer.
In order for the product to have a long shelf life salt need to be added. This makes one think that preparing their own food is more essential than thought before.

Learning how the cook is not hard. With all the online help and TV food network shows... how can one not learn. I have found a couple site that are great. If you go to the Food Network site, they have videos on how to. Recently I found a site Chef Tube TV, this site is great for video recipes. Another site is Foodwishes. Chef John is funny, but his recipes are easy to follow. I hope I have helped you in learning how to cook at home, and remember use less salt.

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Leah said...

That's great that you're working on reducing salt! I've been working on reducing salt too, since my grandmother now has some health problems which they say are related to too much salt in her diet.

Salt is in everything! I never paid attention to it before, and then I ate a whole bunch of really salty snacks (I love salt), and my ankles actually started to swell and I felt puffy all over. It was scary. So I went to the grocery store to get some foods that had no salt in them, and I was surprised at how many foods had a LOT of sodium in them. Now I try to really watch the labels and try to choose foods with less sodium.

Cooking your own meals, and not eating too much pre-processed foods and prepared foods/meals does help a lot, so you can control how much salt goes into your food.